Fog, Smog Part II

As we approach another smog season, our provincial government searches for ways to clean the air. But they have already forbidden Segways and electric cars from our roads, even electric cars that are being designed and manufactured here. Our natural governing party certainly knows how to suck out our air and local economy at the same time!


Martin said…
Why would the Ontario government be stupid enough to ban electric cars. Just another reason for voting Green in the next provincial and federal election. We will never be able to attain our committments to Kyoto with attitudes like that.

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talk talk talk said…
Well, they say cause the cars can't go fast enough. Admittedly these cars' top speed is pretty slow, but what's to stop the government from working with the company to up the top speed to 50 or 60 kph and license them as city-only cars? And how come over 40 American jurisdictions can work around this problem?

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