Pandemic Pics

I hear people are running out of things to do as they stay home week after week. I don't have that problem. Brain injury has a habit of throwing you out of the ballpark, and all you want to do is get back in the game. COVID-19 has given me a chance to do that by slowing the whole world down to approaching my speed, isolating everyone like me, and by tossing all the energy-sucking appointments to the curb. I have more time at home. More time means more energy. More energy means being able to do the things I couldn't before. Mind you, not a whole heck of a lot more energy because this pandemic, these COVID-19 worries and news, hoses up a lot from all of us. It's hard to concentrate. And cleaning, hand washing, more cleaning is exhausting! But I began an experiment with an at-home medical device to replace one of the brain injury treatments I was receiving at a psychology clinic. This experiment is nearing its end, and it's borne fruit. One of those fruits are creating images. And not only taking photos with my camera again, but also playing with photos from my phone and my camera, old and new, on the computer. I began my social media life on Flickr. It's good to get back there. Even better than eating chocolate! Herewith my keep-sane-during-COVID-19 chocolate series.
COVID-19 Chocolate