Saturday, May 12, 2007

Toronto FC Beats Chicago 3 to 1

Needing a break, I park myself in front of the tv. Flip. Flip. Flip. Hang on, what's this? Why is CBC covering soccer? Oh, it's not just any soccer, it's Toronto v. Chicago. And what are those numbers up top? They can't be right. They say Toronto is leading Chicago 2 to 1. The goalie Sutton had just made a save, and Toronto's goal looked like it was covered in rose petals. They couldn't be rose petals though, not in Canada, India maybe, but here no.

With barely a break in the action after that save, players ran down the field, kicking and passing the ball constantly. Toronto FC now near the Chicago goal; they're setting up for another goal, and holy cow Maurice Edu scores! 3 to 1 for Toronto FC. Wow! Isn't this the team that after a measly four games, the pundits were lambasting for being losers and not much up to snuff? In a town that's nuts for the Leafs, that team that can't win for losing, it's rather rich for pundits to whine about the FC. And today the FC kicked back.

It was rather exciting really. No stoppage in the action -- just like Olympic hockey but unlike NHL (yawn) hockey -- a huge pristine field not covered in signage -- a clock that keeps ticking -- and roaring packed stands. Now the latter was a surprise for a newbie team. The stands went wild in the last few minutes and started throwing frisbees on the field. Couldn't figure that one out, until Nigel, the CBC's Brit play-by-play guy, said they were seat covers. Nigel reminded us not to miss Hockey Night in Canada later on the CBC. How ironic his announcement: here we are watching a summer sport in an outdoor stadium in Toronto, meanwhile NHL hockey drones on with no end in sight as if we never tire of winter and winter sports. The NHL needs to can their greed and get back in sync with the seasons.


Martin said...

If you don't follow soccer (like I do) you get very bored watching the game. That has been the complaint of many an North Americans. It is however a great game to watch. Toronto FC has a problem though and that is if the team is not winning then they won't be supported. Unless you are the Leafs, that is the way the Toronto fan is. Good for them to win a game too.

talk talk talk said...

I don't follow sports much although I've gotten into football (the CFL) in recent years. Soccer I hardly know at all, and you're right we're a fickle bunch -- except inexplicably for the Leafs -- which is why I was so surprised to see the stands packed. If I remember right, the Blue Jays were hardpressed to fill the stadium in the early days. Maybe it was all the soccer parents with their kids and people from soccer-mad countries filling the stands...