Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Canada Post Boils My Blood, Steams My Veins, Explodes My Skull

Canada Post is bloody annoying. First they peel off your stamps, send the letter back to you saying you gotta put postage on it (already did, you thieves), claim it was the machine's fault (convenient that), then object when you tape them on to ensure they'll stop peeling off your stamps.


Sometimes they'll object and send it back, saying you gotta put postage on it and they've voided the postage on the letter just to make sure you pay twice, other times not. I say Canada Post should just give me one-third of all the postage I buy free to pay for all the postage they steal from me. Machines or people who do the stealing, it's still Canada Post's responsiblity. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to use them as the companies or persons I'm mailing to won't accept e-mail or don't have it. (Yes, there are still fossils out there, much to Canada Post's relief.) Oh yeah, and this is on top of making sure I never mail a letter on a Friday, as I've been told by an insider that mail on Fridays just hangs out over the week-end, gets buried under Saturday's mail, and is the last to leave the post office when they can get themselves working again. Hence Friday's mail takes the longest to arrive at its destination. Nice. My only consolation is the USPS is worse, well, in taking forever to get the mail delivered.


Classic said...

_Oddly enough, I mailed out my first ever overseas letter today.
_Recently though, I sent out a birthday card which arrived (GTA) by the very next day. Yet I had another letter arrive after over two weeks this fall as well.

Classic said...

_Oh yeah: I ought to qualify that last comment. I 've mailed out a couple of hundred or more business statements and the such to overseas addresses yet nothing for personal reasons, nor did I pay for and stamp them myself.

talk talk talk said...

Classic, did you mail that letter that took 2 weeks on a Friday?! :P

I remember peeling the old kind of stamps, the ones you had to lick to stick, off an envelope took a lot of steaming and patience. These new ones come off in seconds with just a touch on the right corner, no matter how hard you rub them to stick. Maybe I should use glue...